Tenon is a specialised producer of radiata pine clearwood products


High grade (clear) pine lumber supplied to manufacturers worldwide 
Tenon supplies radiata pine feedstock to customers around the world, as well as for its own plants.  read more.

Mechanical-Clear-Pine-Boards Machined clear pine boards 
Tenon provides a reliable, consistent supply of wide clear boards. These are produced to a millwork standard using high speed Weinig moulders. read more



Solid clear pine mouldings
New Zealand has established leading regimes for pruning radiata pine. The availability of this resource close to its manufacturing plants enables Tenon to provide a reliable, consistent supply of solid clear pine mouldings for customers. read more.

HouseRoof1 Primed, treated outdoor wood products
Wood has long been the choice of builders - being beautiful, versatile and easy to work with. However, wood is also subject to rot, fungal decay and insect attack. read more.

All the wood products of Tenon are available FSC® certified on request.

New Zealand's long history of tree farming and pruning has provided Tenon with a sustainable FSC®-certified supply of pruned radiata pine logs capable of producing softwood products with few natural defects. Tenon's modern manufacturing processes ensure product consistency with minimal machining defects.