Recycling & Waste Reduction

Tenon is continually looking for innovative ways to recycle and minimise waste.

In recent years, through a programme identifying and reusing recyclable materials, we have reduced the amount sent to landfill by over 90%. This has been achieved by recycling clean wood waste, steel and PET strap.

We’re also focusing on recycling empty bottles, spray cans, and cardboard packaging, together with minimising our printing of paper based information.

In another waste reduction drive, we find creative alternative uses for our 'arising' products and manufacturing residues. Some examples include:

  • Lower grade lumber is used by the packaging industry for pallets and crates.
  • 'Wood slithers' are used by lattice manufacturers, and to make kindling.
  • Sawdust and shavings are collected and sold to particle board manufacturers.
  • Bark byproduct is collected to be used in gardening applications.
  • Mixed wood residue product created from cleaning the sawmill is sold as hog fuel.