Tenon leads the way when it comes to environmental stewardship

We source our wood from one of the largest FSC®-certified pine plantations in the world. This environmental commitment continues throughout our manufacturing process - from the forest, to the consumer.

Uniquely, we use geothermal energy for kiln-drying at our Taupo site. Geothermal energy is a clean, renewable resource that does not consume any fuel or produce significant emissions.

We're continually working on reducing our waste sent to landfill - with recycling programmes, and finding alternative uses for our byproducts.

Here are the various ways Tenon promotes sustainability:

  • Our wood is sourced from sustainable tree farms.
  • Lumber is dried in our sawmill with heat provided by geothermal energy - a clean, renewable resource.
  • Our manufacturing byproducts (e.g bark, sawdust and shavings) are sold for other uses, such as particleboard, mulch or as an energy source.
  • Our Taupo processing site has reduced landfill waste by over 90%.
  • Tenon's range of outdoor products: LIFESPAN® is preservative treated with USA EPA-registered non-toxic chemicals.
  • Our priming process includes an excess reclamation and re-use system, so minimal paint is wasted, and all aerosol cans are recycled.